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About Us

At UBS Construction, you are not just a client to us, you are our partner in a dream. We consider ourselves a stakeholder in your venture. We don't just want a project, we want you to trust us with all your construction dreams.

Established in August of 2017, UBS Construction is a customer-centric company that specializes Turn Key, (White Glove) retail construction service for major and independent brands in the market.

This company began, through the nightmare experience of building out our own stores. Dealing with the Landlord was bad enough, then we had to deal with the architect, the city, the builders, and the permitting. We always found ourselves thanking the contractor as though he was doing us a favor. They turn up when they did, they charged for every change and finished way over the promised timeline.

It is precisely these experience that has made UBS Construction a completely different construction company. We will get involved right from the start, you will have your own Project Manager, and he will get involved from the moment you sign the lease. You simply hand over the lease and let us take care of your project. Feel free to call, come in and ask questions, because everything will be taken care of by us. At UBS Construction we have taken the stress away from building dreams.

Located at 9894 Bissonnet St. STE #684 Houston, TX 77036 , UBS Construction serves clients throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and other surrounding areas. We have worked on numerous store build-outs for clients that include T-Mobile, Cricket, 3rd Party, Great Clips, Expedia, and many others.